Sunday, 6 January 2013

Entertainment, Karin style

Sometimes I need to find ways to amuse myself. I know, I know, I seem so fantastically entertaining that the shit going on in my head would entertain anyone for a lifetime, so I need to stop whining, right? WRONG, MY FRIEND!

Yes inside my brain is a random hallway of crazy doors, but I’ve been through them all so many times it’s become repetitive…

I spent my days off with my fantastic friend, Neil. On day 2, I decided to fuck with him. So every now and then while we were driving/talking/playing video games, I would mutter the sentence “I will kill you” under my breath. Each time he’d stop what he was doing and look at me and go “What?” and I played completely oblivious to what was going on. I know he’s reading this now going “I FUCKING KNEW IT, YOU JIVE TURKEY!”


For example, we’d be driving down the road and it went like this:

Neil: well then, what did you want to do?

Me: I don’t know, I think I really want coffee, maybe we could I’ll kill you go to the store too because I want to see about those bath bombs


Me: What? Bath bombs?

Neil: You said you’re going to kill me!

Me: No… What? Seriously? What the fuck, Neil.

And it went on like this for the whole day. At one point, we were at my friend’s house and I did it and he stopped playing video games to go “NOW I KNOW I HEARD IT THAT TIME!” Luckily everyone played along and we successfully convinced him he’s going crazy and hearing my voice in his head threatening to kill him.

Mission: Success


Neil read this blog:

Neil says:
I should not have promised that you cant be a jive turkey anymore
fucking knew it
I did say it outloud tho
exactly what you quoted too