Monday, 30 December 2013

Karin Logic: Detachable Limbs

Sometimes I have problems getting comfortable while sleeping:

Eventually, the position I get most comfortable in is extremely awkward, and it often leads to my limbs falling asleep. No big deal, right?



Because my sleeping limbs end up somewhere on my body, and because they’re asleep, I wake up to a strange hand on other parts of my body, and that is fucking horrifying. HORRIFYING.

I’ve come up with the perfect solution to this issue. Detachable limbs! Yes, yes, I know what everyone is thinking. Limbs technically ARE detachable. People get them detached all the time. The point is, in my perfect world, these limbs would be able to be re-attachable at will:

See? Totally works. And there’s a bonus feature. If you have your limbs detached while sleeping and a serial killer happens to mosey on in:

Science should get on this ASAP.

Patent pending, patent pending, patent pending

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