Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Shit That Goes Through My Head - garbage

 You know when you’re driving down a road, and you see a bag of garbage on the side of the street? What do you think? Something like this maybe:

Hmm what an asshole, leaving their garbage out expecting others to pick up after them

Yeah, that’s normal. What I think when I see a garbage bag on the side of the road is:

Holy shit, I bet there’s a dead body in there!!!!

And then proceed to check for further garbage bags while driving to determine if this garbage bag dumper has disposed of the entire body on this one strip of road, or if they’ve strategically placed them around to prevent identification.

That’s just how messed up my brain is. If I go by forests, fields, bogs, anything I can’t see the ground in, I will assume there are dead bodies in there. I’m a dark dark person.

So I left work today and this was at the door:

Yup, someone disposed of a dead body out front of my work. I left it there for the supervisor on duty to deal with and just continued on my merry way….  

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