Tuesday, 9 February 2016


This blog is about scars. Please note I mean PHYSICAL scars, not emotional ones. There are not enough pages on the internet to discuss emotional scars, so don’t worry. I’m not ready for that can of worms.

There’s a saying that physical scars are a testament to our lives, a road map of our past. Scars are reminders of where we’ve been and things we can reflect on when thinking about the past. Scars make us stronger, they show what we’ve lived through, what we’ve healed from, what our bodies are capable of.

This got me thinking about all of MY scars, about my past, my history, where I’ve been, what I’ve lived through and decided to make a map of my life. Please note these are only the scars I can see right now…

So basically I’ve lived a life of stupid choices and klutzy ways.
It’s pretty fucking impressive I’m not dead yet. So MY scars are testaments to the fact that I am indestructible and that I clearly don’t think most things through.

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