Monday, 21 November 2011


Recently Dee and I decided to visit our good friend Aimee. While having a girl’s night with delicious food and movies and all those things girls do (minus the panties pillow fights and practising kissing and such…), I vocalized the need for eyebrow maintenance soon. This prompted the response from Aimee of:

I’d never seen any of her previous work so I thought this was a marvelous idea as it required minimal effort on my part with the outcome I desired… groomed eyebrows.

Aimee went and collected all of her eyebrow gear, which included eyebrow stencils, tweezers, scissors and some kind of dust that if you put it on stuff you’re not supposed to pluck that. I don’t get how it works as the dust doesn’t magically make the hair stay in place and avoid the tweezers nor does it not magically spread from one location to another… but that is neither here nor there.

I laid down, Aimee plucked away, and then about ten minutes later, proclaimed she was done:

My eyebrows turned out awesome. So I could stand by Aimee’s statement from the beginning. She was indeed awesome at doing eyebrows. This convinced Dee it would be a good idea for her to get her eyebrows done too.

Apparently Aimee’s awesome eyebrow skills have a 1 person/night limit.

Dee laid down, I held the baby (and NO! I did not run off with the baby… this time…) and Aimee started plucking away. She completed eyebrow #1 with no problems. Onto eyebrow #2.  At this point she dropped her stencil and had to pick it up and re-position it. This was the beginning of the downfall. After about 15 minutes she proclaims “I’M DONE!” and the sequence of Aimee faces went something like this:

Followed by:

“Uh Karin.. can you come here? “

I mosied on over, glanced down, and this is what I saw:

Now I know at first glance it looks like they’re fine. But really what I saw was this:


Of course, it’s fixable, as long as Dee likes the SMALLER eyebrow. So Dee rushes off to the bathroom to examine, and I look at Aimee and it goes something like this:

Me: So… uh… did you use the same stencil for BOTH eyebrows?

Aimee: Yes, of course I did!

Me: Are you sure?


Me: Oh ok… uh, so the stencil on the ground by your foot… that’s NOT the one that you used for eyebrow #1, right?

Aimee: No, of course not

*she bends over and picks it up*

Aimee: Aw fuck.

Me: Eyebrow #1?


Disclaimer: this is not me telling you, Dee. If you choose to read this, I have no control over what information you come across

At this time, Dee comes back in and states she does in fact, like the small eyebrow better. So she lays back down and Aimee goes back to plucking with the stencil that was found on the ground. Yes, you read this right. Dee trusted her to correct this.

Dee is a slow learner sometimes.

So about 15 minutes later, Aimee proclaims that again, she is in fact finished plucking. I come over to examine and look down. This is what I see:

Me: Uh, Aimee… Did you use the same stencil on both eyebrows this time?

Aimee: Yes of cou… FUCK!

So again, Dee was lopsided. And again… wait for it… Dee lays down and lets Aimee go to work on fixing it. Seriously. At this point any more fuck ups and we’d have to shave them off and draw them on!!!

Luckily third time was a charm in this case and Dee’s eyebrows matched and looked great. But really. Three times, Dee? THREE TIMES?


  1. In my defence, your words at the time were more along the lines of "no no, it'll be fine! Aimee'll fix you up real good!"

  2. yeah... cuz the house i said could be fixed up real good turned out so well. You should have learned by now.