Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Neil’s Master Plan

As we all remember, I have a wonderful friend named Neil. He’s the star of this blog, this one, and this one.

And now, he’s the star of this one!


Recently, we found ourselves waiting in line for a night market (don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll blog about that crazy adventure another time), and we were discussing how much I wanted to go to the water slides. And I have for years (literally… like 5 years).

I should probably mention that at this point in our evening, Neil was fucking drunk “slightly tipsy”.

He decided we should break into the water slides (which were closed at this point) so that we could go down them and not wait in line. It basically went like this:

Followed by this:

And when I explained the cops would show up:

Why would we do that????

**yes, all cops in my life should be shirtless… ok most cops… ok these stick figure cops**
I guess that’s pretty sound logic. But then we’d be at the waterslides and would be going down them (if we could figure out how to turn that shit on… I mean, it’s high school drop outs and 14 yr olds running them, so it has to be easy… right?) and it would be easy enough for them to catch Neil.

Nope. Neil has a plan for that too:

So I’m just hearing that music you hear in British comedies (this) while these cops run around chasing Neil (at this point, I would have Karin-ja’d myself out of there) and yes, I imagine them all as bobbies:

Followed by this:

And then this:

And to prove this is legitimately his plan:

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