Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Public Service Announcement: Hand Hygiene

Ok, so I know I’m not your mom. I know I’m not your girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other. And if I one day I am and this applies to you, it’s over (once I find out).
One of the things that disgusts me the most that I see all too often is this:

Followed by this:

No. That just… No. Fucking sick. The second worst thing is this:

So basically you’re showing your gross, disgusting hands to the water, letting the germs that have layered your unwashed digits tremble in fear with the thought of getting soap:

Followed by the fear of getting wet:

And then you wander on out. Without actually doing anything.

You take your gross, disgusting hands, and mosey on out, not a care in the world! Wander around aimlessly spreading cooties everywhere:

This is what your gross hands actually look like:

That’s right. You have poo, syphilis, herpes hands. You. YOU. YOU! Are the reason there are hand herpes out there.

Now please, be a decent person and wash your fucking hands when you use the bathroom.

Thank you.

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