Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Karin, According to Karin

As I’ve been forced to write this introduction about me, I have stolen all Dee’s suggestions on how to express myself. So here we go - unique descriptions of how awesome I am, plagiarized from Dee and labeled as my own. That is just how I roll.

1)    Gummy candies count as the ONLY food group. We shall discuss this at a later date and you shall all agree with me.
2)   Cheese may count too…
3)   My imagination, mixed with various “tools” I find (ie. hammer, duct tape, Hercules hooks, push pins, etc) do in fact make me Canada’s BEST handy man. This has yet to be disproven, therefore it stands as true.
4)   I am quite possibly the most klutzy person in the world. I will trip over my own feet while standing still. Which leads me to…
5)   I am invincible. Despite said klutziness, I have not been seriously hurt ever.
6)   Well timed jazz hands or spirit fingers will solve any conflict as well as distract from even the most “WTF…” falls.
7)   I am a freak magnet. This shall be proven through various tales of amazement.
8)   And finally, I want babies.  Just not necessarily my own. Stealing them makes more sense than growing a tiny human inside me.

Be prepared… Or afraid… Or both. It’s always best to anticipate any kind of situation… *jazz hands*

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