Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Window into the Mind of Karin

I will update this blog with pictures later, when I’m more alert and able to rock the stick figures (and as long as I'm still alive...). I’ll probably leave this opening up anyway, because that is how I roll.

So, this is another little window into the world of the crazy that is Karin. Here I am in bed, it’s 2:50am. I am typing this blog. Why? Because I’m 76% certain that it may provide the police with an insight into what happened to me.

You see, I have a body pillow on my bed. You know the long pillows that are almost body sized, right? So it’s under my blankets. Almost every night, I pounce on it to be sure that it’s a pillow and not a person that has knocked the pillow off the bed against the wall and taken the pillow’s place. THIS IS A LOGICAL FEAR!

Tonight I decided to go to bed, and did not pounce on the pillow. I brought the laptop with me as I’ve been suffering from some insomnia due to my lack of taking sleeping meds to help me sleep. So I’m laying here, in slightly partial (BUT NEVER MOSTLY OR COMPLETE!) darkness, and I realize that I did not pounce on the pillow.

I have no idea if it’s a pillow or a creeper. I have not checked the other side of the bed to ensure there is no pillow on the floor either, and it’s too late as that would require laying across the pillow/creeper to see if there is a pillow on the ground. So right now, I am laying in bed next to a potential creeper.

There is what *could* be a slight noise like someone opening their mouth to breath (or the electrical in the wall clicking), and now that these thoughts are in my head, I’m too freaked out to check to see. If it IS a creeper, I lose the upper hand by being the one on the top of the blanket and smothering them under the blanket (as I am currently under the blanket).

They’re waiting for me to fall asleep so they can grope me. I am onto you, creeper disguised as a pillow.

If I die, remember, I love most of my friends. And would be willing to kill a majority of you if you became zombies. Share my story. I’m going to check to see if it’s a creeper after I post this. Let this be a lesson to you all, always check for creepers disguised as body pillows BEFORE getting into bed. 

**3am update: False alarm! It was a pillow. I checked. I seriously yelped and almost peed a little when checking though. You may all go on about your business**

**3:15am update: I am now concerned that there is a creeper beside my  bed near the wall, or under my bed. I have tried to convince my friend to come check for me... but since he doesn't have a key to get in, I'd have to get up to let him in at which point the creepers would get me anyway... I'll check in a sec to be sure... Remember, love, zombies, kill, and so forth**

**3:25am update: Ok house checked, creeper free. I realize now, my walls are very thin, my landlord probably heard me. So at this time of the night he most likely heard the yelp of fear when I jumped on the pillow, the sigh of relief with "oh thank god" afterwards, the chanting of "fuck fuck fuck" when I realized the other potential hiding spots of creepers, followed by the "AH HA!!!" noises every time I thought I'd caught a potential creeper by surprise. I wonder what kind of life he thinks I lead...**

please note this event really did happen. No I am not drunk. No I did not do any drugs prior to my mind taking this path. It did it all on it's own. Sober. How fucked up is that... BE GRATEFUL I DON'T DRINK OR DO DRUGS PEOPLE! THINK OF HOW MUCH WORSE IT COULD GET!

**update: I decided not to draw pictures, but I did take a photo of my bed to show that there really could be creepers in there**


  1. Oh Karin, I less-than-three you so much! And if there weren't an entire body of water separating us, I'd come check for creepers any time! (Any time that didn't result in Chloe being left at home alone. Because she's 12 so that would be wrong. And any time I didn't have to go to work the next morning. Because, well, I'm a single mom, so that's kind of important. And any time she didn't have a cadet event the next day, because that stuff is exhausting. So occasionally. Occasionally I'd come save you from creepers. But I love you!!)

  2. I think your occasionally spells never, because I'm fairly confident you would show up, get freaked out, and then make ME check MY OWN HOUSE for creepers because you'd be too scared. I'm onto you.